Protecting Your Vision

When you get a great idea, it is easy to get excited. You just want to inform as many people as possible about your fantastic new plan but this is most definitely not a wise course of action. Here is an article from about nine ways that you can protect yourself and your idea from threats you may or may not know are there.

Many entrepreneurs face this Catch-22: You have what you’re sure is a million-dollar idea, but you don’t have the cash (yet!) to get your idea off the ground — let alone make sure it’s protected. In a capitalist society, pursuing the American Dream usually means you need money to be highly successful. Otherwise, someone else might legally (although possibly not ethically) swoop in and “steal” your idea because they have more resources or money than you. It’s sometimes a wonder that any entrepreneur succeeds.
Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your entrepreneurial ideas, ventures or products. If your idea is worth stealing, or “borrowing,” you need to be on your guard. Here are nine of the best strategies for safeguarding your vision, in varying price points and levels of difficulty. 

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