Aggressive Irvine Litigator Helps After a Breach of Contract

Handling breach of contract disputes in Orange County

A contract is a binding and enforceable agreement between two or more parties. When another party breaks their agreement with your business, you have the right to enforce the agreement and obtain relief. This may mean forcing the other party to honor the contract, or to rescind the contract. No matter what your company’s situation, you can turn to the Irvine-based Law Offices of George B. Piggott to provide experienced legal counsel.

Recognizing breaches of contract

When a party to a contract with your company fails to perform, it can impact your business by causing a loss of profits or other damages. We can pursue your legal remedies for a breach of contract through litigation or other means. Our firm handles a variety of contractual disputes, such as:

  • Compensatory damages: Reimbursement for immediate monetary loss
  • Consequential and incidental damages: Compensation for additional foreseeable losses caused by the breach
  • Liquidated damages: Amounts specified in the contract that are payable for particular breaches, such as late or substandard performance
  • Specific performance: Court order requiring the breaching party to fulfill the terms of the contract
  • Rescission: Cancellation of the contract, with both sides excused from further performance, and payments or other considerations received under the contract returned
  • Reformation: Change in the terms of the business contract, usually as the result of a mistake
  • Attorneys’ fees and costs: Amounts available if the contract expressly states they are recoverable

Acting in your company’s best interest

With more than 35 years of experience litigating business-related cases, Attorney George B. Piggott can accurately guide you to the right course of action for your company’s needs. We offer:

  • Targeted representation: For your small, medium or large organization, we can estimate the ramifications a breach of contract would have on your company’s finances.
  • Concrete results: Of course, we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, but we have had more than three decades of successful outcomes.
  • A vast network of resources: Our firm is small, but well-connected. We collaborate with professional witnesses in many industries, as well as forensic accountants and other experts as needed.

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The Law Offices of George B. Piggott has been helping small, medium and large businesses through negotiation and litigation for more than 35 years. Our office is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and other hours are available by appointment. For more information, call 855.300.3917 or contact us online to make a confidential appointment at our office in Irvine, CA.

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  • Won dismissal of securities fraud class action claims against former chief financial officer of major subprime lender.
  • Obtained seven-figure judgment for partner of national trade publication in suit over control of partnership business and proceeds of sale of business.
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