Providing Legal Assistance for Unfair Competitive Practices and Business Fraud in Irvine

Protecting you from inappropriate actions in federal and California courts

The Law Offices of George B. Piggott litigates fraud-related suits on the state and federal level for clients throughout Southern California. With more than 35 years in the field, we have vast experience and a broad network of professional resources. As a small firm, we provide hands-on, personalized counsel.

Litigating fraudulent financial practices in business in California and federal court

At the Law Offices of George B. Piggott, we have handled unfair business practices’ litigation for more than 35 years. We can help your business regarding:

  • Misappropriation of funds: This includes taking or using funds for personal gain.
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets: Taking or using proprietary trade secret information such as product information or intellectual property can have a huge impact on your business.
  • Use of or the sharing of confidential business information: If an employee or contractor uses or shares confidential information such as information pertaining to operations or finances, we can fight for — or defend — your interests.
  • Absconding with proprietary information: An employee cannot take certain information and use it in a new employment position or business.

Business fraud is intentionally deceiving a person or company for gain. Business fraud may stem from illicit contracts between entities where one party has no intention to honor the agreement. Employees may engage in fraudulent practices, such as:

  • Stealing from the company: This may be the company’s product or goods, software, equipment, intellectual property, etc.
  • Embezzling: This form of theft generally includes misappropriation of funds for personal gain by an employee who controls the goods or funds.
  • Skimming: Like embezzlement, this is a form of financial theft. The culprit takes smaller sums of money or goods over a period of time to keep attention away from the activity.
  • Taking payoffs: Although people sometimes associate payoffs with politicians or law enforcement, employees with positions of power may take financial payoffs in return for favors.
  • Creative accounting: This involves using non-traditional accounting methods to skirt accounting practices and hide or misappropriate funds.

In addition, if your business has entered into a contractual agreement that you believe was not made in good faith, our firm has the experience and determination to fight on your behalf. Our firm has a successful record of defending clients against allegations of fraud and breaches of contract.

For aggressive litigation and a strong defense, contact an Orange County business attorney

At the Law Offices of George B. Piggott, we have the necessary experience to handle corporate fraud cases in state and federal court. Should you have a fraud matter you need to address, call us at 855.300.3917 or contact us online to make a confidential appointment. We serve clients throughout Southern California from our office in Irvine.

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Some of Our Results

  • Won dismissal of securities fraud class action claims against former chief financial officer of major subprime lender.
  • Obtained seven-figure judgment for partner of national trade publication in suit over control of partnership business and proceeds of sale of business.
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