Got an Idea? Get an Attorney!

An idea is at the root of everything. It has been said that ideas are bulletproof and will live on long after our time. That is if someone doesn’t steal it from you. If you have that million dollar idea, don’t leave it to chance and possibly get taken advantage of. Hiring an attorney is a great way to protect your idea and what you plan to do with it. Still unsure? Check out this article from

Q: Is it necessary to hire a patent attorney to file a patent application?

Renee Burton

Although the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) does not require a patent attorney to file a patent, there are many reasons it is in your best interest to hire one.  Most entrepreneurs have a limited budget, but the startup’s intellectual property is critical to its success and cutting too many corners early on can have a lasting impact on the business.  Still, good attorneys recognize that startups have budget challenges and keeping that in focus is similarly critical.

A patent application — whether a provisional or non-provisional — can be written and submitted by a non-attorney.  Ignoring the complexity of filing the application properly at the USPTO, the primary concern is whether an inexperienced inventor can write an application which satisfies the myriad of rules, statutes and case law which are part of patent law.  It is not a user-friendly area of law and, unfortunately, not conducive for DIYers.

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